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Topic review -Guide for 80100 Tank Build
Author Message
  Post subject:  Guide for 80100 Tank Build  Reply with quote
(80100 Tank build)

This guide is for anyone who wishes to use it, but its strictly being made for a guild member. Everyone may have a different view on tank builds or any builds in general for that matter. I hope this guide is useful to anyone who wishes to use it.

"Starting out"

When you make your character, you want to first kill rabbits and beavers until you have about 10 a/d. Next you want to do 2 weeks of Haidir and Xaqelina dailies (this means completing them EVERY day), saving all your pickpoints, you should be around 25-30 a/d, and this char will be on for 1 hour or less a day for those who need to focus more on 1 char. You will want to now go take the defense god to 20%, which if you buy the ingredients, it will cost around 25-30k. Now you can start training your build and moving PP into it.
Note- If you can get the gc fast enough, you can give your new tank the money for defense god 20% as you have 7 a/d and then do 2 weeks of only Haidir.

"Training and build plan"

You now want to take about 30pp you should have, if not more, and take these perks. Antisocial-10pp, power hungry-3pp. You should now have at least 40+ pp. Use the following build I have listed below.


Train with this build "hand fighting" till 60def-slowly raising to 32phy and 20vit. A very good tip on tank training is to click to flee constantly so you get no attack exp. Fight in order- Goblins, skeletons, gargoyles, hobgoblins, female orcs, then move to ogres x3 by 60def. I will not be fully calculating the builds pp perfectly, as its impossible to tell exactly how much more defense you will have for att. The goal by 60def is 45/60 or lower attack. When you start training on ogres you will need to have 49 magic, which is restoration failsafe. The next build you want to work on on ogres till you ignore them at 155.5 combat, then move to lions briefly then to Cyclops. You will train Cyclops till over 85 defense. The results by 85 defense should look like this.

Attack- 60 or lower
Defense- 85
Work on this build below from what you already have, assuming you are now 32/4/4/20/4/20
You will now take the Glow in the Dark perk-7pp. You can take Glow at anytime after the first build listed has been made, but I recommend not using glow at all to damage a monster, you will be fleeing constantly anyway which will always make your defense experience not cap. When you start training x3 ogres, you can take Glow and use it if you wish after you have bought 32/20 P/V. Once you have trained Cyclops from around 70-75 defense to 90-95 defense, you can now move to Feros x2-3 and you will continue to train on those while you do your Haidir dailies till you have an instance level of around 95, so you can do 80100 instances, but you are not so high that the attack exp you get will put you too far over. You can only get attack experience from instances, that is why you want to always toggle Glow when inside one. The very last build I will give is as follows, including a/d. Also take magic 60+.

Attack-75 or lower
Defense- 115-120
Take the Evanescence perk=5pp.
Note- You can take more coordination if you wish but it may not be needed for that instance cap. I would suggest 52 coord if you are going to try to cap to 100-120 instances with 135+def before you tank one with that same build.

Example of a 100-120 tank.

Attack-90 or lower
Glow, evanescence.

Note- you can also take Harvester of Sorrow after you have 60+ harvest, Collateral Damage-60 har required, and Scotty Died if you wish. The total pp would be 9pp. I also forgot to mention you want to take Human 7 so you have access to all weapons/armor, you should do this before you start training ogres.

Any complaints about this guide will be ignored, but any feedback or questions can be messaged in game thanks.

Guide writer- Otaku89
Date written- 12/9/2016
Special thanks to- Lu05 "Rich Guild master" for posting for me as I am lazy.
Made for guild member- Mooseman4.
Post Posted:Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:13 pm

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