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PostPosted:Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:11 pm 
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"Guide to Avoid Armor Breaks"

First off, this is a very touchy subject, and usually gets people in an argument. So I will be explaining the facts and theories so there is no confusion and no aggression.
There are people that believe some of these theories are factual, and I do not intend to break what they believe in. I write this guide for mostly guild members, and as a senior combat trainer for Rich I have thoroughly tested a lot of this stuff myself. Some things sadly can't be tested at all or proven factual by any player.

(Theories and opinions)

1st- There is a breakage scale and equation. But, no player has access to this knowledge nor can prove it, only the creator/s, do. Us players think about a simple estimation that we go by, some may be different but most, from my view and who I talked with, seem the same for the most part. This is about what we get at, The Gear break ratio estimations- Low gear and easy to break known gear- 1/3-5k chance to degrade/break. High gear and not easy to break known gear- 1/10k (Fact)-The No more tears perk/cape, allows your gear to become 75% stronger, greatly raising your ability to not break gear. I highly suggest this perk/cape.

"Opinions by players"

1st- Increased Toughness does not decrease the chance to break gear, and that it doesn't matter what hit on your gear you take, the gear still has that same chance to degrade. (Personal opinion)- I don't believe.
2nd- Increased Toughness does help decrease the chance to break gear, and that it does matter if the lower the hit you take. (Personal opinion)- I believe this is actually how it works. My theory behind it- You have a real life situation for example. Person A has a very dull steel long sword, Person B has a very well made steel plate set. Person A hits person b's plate set with his dull sword "aka" 30 dex Vs 52 toughness, what happens, the gear is now hardly damaged because the sword was dull- result of high toughness and less breaks. Second example- Person A has a very fine katana, Person B has a very weak battle damaged steel plate set with 5 days combat use. Person A his Person B's plate set with his fine katana, "aka" 52 dex Vs 30 toughness. what happens. The weapon now pierces through the armor and causes it more damage, result- Lower toughness and more breaks.

3rd- Increased Toughness only helps result in less breakage if the hit is 100% absorbed, and that If its 100% absorbed there technically was no impact on the gear making it not be counted into the break chance. (Personal opinion)- I believe that 100% hits that are absorbed do not count into the break chance, but I believe all hits absorbed do help decrease break chance, as stated on 2nd.

(Tested Facts)

1st- Having high reaction "max 52" is one major way to know you aren't breaking gear. So more reaction=more dodged attacks= less breaks.
2nd- Mirrored hits will not degrade/break gear, or be added into that calculation as your gear is not actually hit.
3rd- Evanescence dodged critical hits will not degrade/break gear, or be added into that calculations as you avoid the hit.
4th- There has been an added 5% chance to critical dodge hits, also preventing from being added into the calculations as you also avoid these hits.
Note- There was no chance at all to dodge critical hits till the update made it possible "forget when", But now we all have a 5% chance to avoid critical damage, this can be stacked with the evanescence perk for a 15% chance to dodge critical hits.

Any complaints about something being false will be ignored due to the 6 years+ experience I have obtained in combat knowledge, and because of what I had stated at the top of this guide.

Guide writer- Otaku89 "Rich Guild Council'
Date written- December 7th 2016
Special thanks to- EL, for making a great game I can enjoy.
Other thanks to- Hussam, Brutus, Fairytail, Rabbitman, Korrode, Shihan, Dragon_killer, Norad, Nolifer, and many more for all the combat advice they gave and give along with the many debates good or bad. Ty all.

If you would like assistance in EL please PM me (Lu05) and ask.

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